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We Maintain and Monitor Systems so You Can Focus on Your Business

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PC Management and Maintenance

Save yourself hours of manual work by allowing Clinic Networking, LLC to update and maintain your computer systems and infrastructure.

Automatic Updates and Patches

We ensure that the latest vulnerabilities are patched by validating and automating Windows and Apple system and software updates. Updates are performed monthly or on your requested schedule, outside of business hours so you’re almost never interrupted by an update.

System and Hardware Health Monitoring

The Clinic Agent watches for system faults and errors so that we can report, track, and fix issues before system failure. While sudden system failure is still possible, our agent helps prevent the bulk of crashes and data loss.

Rapid Troubleshooting

With The Clinic Agent installed, our technicians are able to login with you in a matter of seconds to assist with technical issues and troubleshooting. No complicated web addresses or shortcuts necessary.

Network Security and Design

A properly configured network should protect your computers, isolate important devices, and prevent intruders from accessing your sensitive and business information, all while allowing for the growth of your business.

Small to Medium Business Grade Solutions

Consumer-grade network hardware is perfectly acceptable for home use, but does not afford any of the security benefits required by many industries. The tradeoff is that business grade appliances are considerably more difficult to program and have substantially more options. Our technicians are trained on SonicWALL hardware for network security and have knowledge of many vendor solutions for switching and WiFi.

Network Infrastructure Built to Grow

As your business grows, your infrastructure will need to grow as well. Our solutions are tailored to your business as it exists today, while considering growth and expansion.

Regulatory Compliance Included!

Many business sectors are required to meet certain data and security standards. We are well versed in standards including HIPAA and PCI and are available to assist with your network and PC security obligations.

Business and Guest WiFi Services

WiFi is no longer just “nice to have” but has evolved into a critical investment for businesses in all sectors. Providing secure WiFi to your employees improves productivity and collaboration while allowing your guests the ability to collaborate or share information with you and your staff.

Built to Suit Your Needs

We do not believe that one model fits all businesses. As such, we scale your WiFi solution to meet your needs and desires. We have options for small office suites, corporate headquarters and every size in between.

Security First

Improperly configured or shared WiFi networks pose significant risks to your business data and equipment. That’s why security is at the forefront when we design and implement WiFi services. Business devices connect to a dedicated network while employees and guests may be configured for a dedicated network that prevents prying eyes from accessing your business environment.

Employee and Guest Services

Provide vendors, business partners, customers, and guests with WiFi services to encourage engagement. When configured, a branded customer portal can put your business, news, recommendations, and rewards right in front of your visitors. Furthermore, if desired, you may collect email addresses, names, and other data to help direct your business decisions.

Secure Email and Web Hosting

Securely hosting files and information on the internet can be difficult, especially with all of the other hassles of running a business. Our Email and Hosting services allow you to share important information with your clients and improve your presence online without the stresses of maintaining the systems and infrastructure.

Secure Business Email

Routing email through a business domain shows that your business is well-established, genuine, and legitimate. These features help engender trust with prospective and current clients. Business domains are also substantially less likely to be classified as spam, helping ensure your messages are delivered every time.

Make Your Brand Digital

In today’s world, an online presence can be the difference between success and stagnation. Our hosting services allow you to bring your business online, allowing guests 24/7 access to information about your business and its offerings.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Be it flood, fire, tornado, or just hardware failure, data loss can be a nightmare. Backups alone aren’t enough to ensure your business is ready to start up again after a catastrophic event or system failure. We have solutions ranging from basic file and folder backup to full system replication in the cloud.

File and Folder Backup

The most cost-conscious solution for the smaller business. Our File and Folder Backup solution provides you with unlimited cloud storage of your critical business files. Should disaster strike, our technicians will pull the data from the cloud to be loaded onto any replacement computer.

Cloud Replication

For critical computer systems, including installed software and configurations, our Cloud Replication is the preferred solution. We begin by creating a clone of your PC on a dedicated appliance that is ready to take over in as little as 1 minute. Should all systems be lost, including the backup appliance, we have the ability to launch your server in a cloud environment so that you can get back to work with as little as a laptop and an internet connection.

Local Backups Arent Enough!

If you’re simply backing up data to an external hard drive and leaving it at the office, your data is at risk. Should a fire or storm damage your computer and external hard drive, your data could be lost forever. Don’t wait until disaster strikes, ensure you have a complete Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan in place and implemented.

Cyber Security and Antivirus

A computer system without an antivirus solution is no different than a house with an open door or window; it invites unwanted guests and viruses. Protect your hardware and business information with our Cyber Security and Antivirus services.

Always Up-To-Date

Our Antivirus solutions are powered by the cloud. With always-connected databases, your computers have never been safer.

Validated In House

We wouldn’t place software on your PC that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We use the same antivirus software we support to ensure you’re fully protected.

Equipment Recycling and Disposal

When old hardware begins to pile up and needs to be recycled or disposed of, we can help!

Low Cost Service

Our recycling services are provided at very low rates to help encourage our clients to recycle their old and unused hardware.

Environmentally Responsible

Computer and electronics contain many toxic materials that cannot simply be thrown away. Our recycling and destruction services work with 3rd party disposal companies to reclaim the useful materials while safely disposing of the dangerous chemicals and metals.