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Computer Support and Maintenance

Network Security and Design

Business Use and Guest WiFi Services

Secure Email and Web Hosting

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cyber Security and Antivirus

Equipment Disposal and Recycling

We Maintain and Monitor Systems so You Can Focus on Your Business

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Computer Support and Maintenance

Cut down your workload by letting us handle all of the tedious maintenance for you.

Automatic Updates and Maintenance

Never worry about Windows and software updates again! We take care of it for you, outside of business hours so there are no interruptions. Just business running smoothly!

System and Hardware Health Monitoring

We’re always on the lookout for bugs and that’s why when an error occurs that could lead to a crash or data loss, the Clinic Agent will quickly detect it and alert us for fast recovery.

Rapid Troubleshooting

With the simple click of a button, our technicians can troubleshoot and manage your issues remotely. We’re all about convenience when it comes to keeping you running!

Network Security and Design

Protecting your network from the outside world is the best way to protect your business from threats online. We’ll keep yours isolated from those who want to harm your business or steal your data. Only those who are invited may enter the network we configure for you!

Small to Medium Business Grade Solutions

Our technicians are trained on SonicWALL products which allows our technicians to protect all of your systems! Firewall and VPN technologies included!

Scalable Network Infrastructure

One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit into a growing business and we’re here to meet that challenge for you. Your network solution will be tailored to your ever-growing need, no matter the growth rate!

Regulatory Compliance Included!

We’ve got you covered when it comes to rigorous industry standards like HIPAA and PCI. We’ll help you maintain the high data standards that give your clients confidence in you!

Business and Guest WiFi Services

Wi-Fi is a necessity for your business and allows collaboration between employees and customers. This isn’t just about productivity. It’s about community ties and breaking boundaries in the workplace and we’ll set it up for you in no time!

WiFi That Grows With You

We scale your WiFi solution to fit your needs (see a pattern here?) because yours are unique to you. Tailored to office spaces or corporate headquarters and everything in between, no matter your industry. That means short and long-range WiFi between multiple locations if you want it.

Security First

You’re already paying for service, so don’t pay for risks. Our Secure WiFi allows you to conduct business and provide connectivity for your guests while keeping them out of your data.

Employee and Guest Services

Provide vendors, business partners, customers, and guests with WiFi services to encourage engagement. A good portal can make recommendations and collect important information to aid in business decisions later!

Secure Email and Web Hosting

Hosting services can be difficult to navigate, but we make it easy! From managing files to collaboration – tailor your email and hosting needs the way you want them. And don’t worry, they’re scalable too!

Secure Business Email

Business domains show you mean business! They also help keep the spam out which means more time for important things. No more hotmail for you, it’s time to move up in the world.

Digital Branding

Online presence is king and our hosting service brings your company website to clients any time they want to access it, day or night!

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Mother Nature loves data loss, but it doesn’t have to stop your business. You can’t afford to lose your data and we’ll back it up in our secure cloud to get you back up and running in any scenario.

File and Folder Backup

You’re a smaller business on a tighter budget and we understand that. We’ll backup your critical files and folders to make sure you can get up and running anywhere in the world.

Cloud Replication

Computer systems keep you afloat and need to keep running. With Cloud Replication, your critical systems will be up and running again in less than a minute* with all the required software already in place. Grab that cup of coffee while we boot you back up.

Local Backups Arent Enough!

Don’t wait until disaster strikes your physical equipment to protect your data. We’ll help establish your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan to make sure everyone knows how to keep their data safe.

Cyber Security and Antivirus

You don’t want strangers eating dinner in your house with your family. Don’t let unwanted guests on your network to access and destroy your data.

Cloud Updates

Our cloud databases are constantly being updated to protect you from the latest threats online! Hackers and malware don’t take breaks and neither do our services.

In-House Validation

Our technicians use the same antivirus software that we’re providing you so you know it’s safe.
If we deserve the best protection, so do you!

Equipment Recycling and Disposal

When old hardware begins to pile up and needs to be recycled or disposed of, we can help!

Low-Cost Services

Clear out that old storage closet and do your part to keep the landfills clear by turning in your old equipment to us for recycling at the lowest rates around.

Environmental Responsibility

Don’t throw away old computers that contain toxic materials for the environment. We work with 3rd party companies to dispose of them properly giving you peace of mind and removing the clutter.